Best Practices For E-Commerce Website Design

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By Hamza Shahbaz

This is an article about twelve types of websites — what it is, why you may (or may not) benefit from knowing one, and some examples from previous experiences that could very well inspire yours.

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The goal of e-commerce design is to create interfaces that won’t get in the way of the overall shopping experience. In this post, we’re going to look at three key parts of a digital store and what you can do to design each to help customers more quickly and effortlessly get to the checkout stage.

When building digital products having a process is necessary. New ideas have a lot of unknowns and uncertainties at the start so a good process helps reduce riskes at every step along the way.

Approch to Building Digital Products


Meaningful solutions come from well-defined problems. Understand why behind the project, clarify who to serve, explore new possible solutions, define a business model and determine the resources.


Build high-fidelity prototypes to test the idea with real customers and learn which features resonate and which ones miss the mark. Using these insights refine the product’s key experiences and design to help deliver a better product.


On deliverery, great design and functionality come together. Stay updated through “standup” meetings and real-time access to the project roadmap.


Learn where to focus on, and where to pivot(in terms of product strategy) using collected data and user feedback. Learn more about user adoption to refine and optimize the product’s performance.

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