How to Create a Website: Step-by-Step Guide

#Product Development
By Hamza Shahbaz

This is an article about how to create a website — what it is, why you may (or may not) benefit from knowing one, and some examples from previous experiences that could very well inspire yours.

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Knowing website creation process is very helpful for everyone. Creating a stunning looking website from scratch isn’t easy. if are a designer by following this website creation process you can build stunning website easily. However, if you are bussiness owner or project manager, understanding this process will help get quality work from designers that you hire.


Understand the user and what they want to acomplish.


An overview of the website. A plan that outlines all of the pages and how they relate.


Individual pages in a blueprint that detail the structure and flow of the content.

Visual Design

How the site looks; aesthetics, buttons, colors, type, spacing, and layout.


Building a functional website with code.

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